Blank Character Application

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Blank Character Application

Post by Regina Mills on Sun May 22, 2016 9:22 pm

Character Name: Full name here please

Land That they Come From: For Example the Enchanted Forest
Age: In numbers
Sex/Gender: Male/Female/Both/Neither/Other/etc.
Appearance: Image of Character (FC)

Personality: At least a paragraph
Likes/Dislikes: 2 - 4 each
Job: What is your occupation, if anything
Family: Parents/siblings/people you choose to be part of it/etc.
Strengths/weaknesses: 2 - 4 each
Powers: Does you character have any power like magic,ect.
Dream: What does your character live for?
History: Minimum two paragraphs (IMPORTANT FOR OCS!)

Other: Other things you think we need to know about your character.

Roleplay Example: Here you will post a sample of what your RP style is like, using a character. It has to have a minimum of one paragraph.
Regina Mills

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Aslan (OC Bio)

Post by KieranTheDoctor on Sun May 22, 2016 10:49 pm

Character Name: Aslan/ Alfie Lyons

Land That they Come From: The Enchanted Forest/ Narnia
Age: 34
Sex/Gender: Male
Appearance: [Human] Height 5'10, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Brown and spikey, Ethnicity: White Caucasian [Lion] Yellow Fur, Big Mane (Well He looks like a Lion)

Personality: He is a man with wisdom beyond his years and who is funny, smart, relaxed and full of energy, not afraid to join in an adventure or to throw himself in the path of the slings and arrows to save those he is friends with.
Likes: Adventures, Reading, Writing, Playing the violin, Steak and Chips
Dislikes: Dark Magic, The White Witch, Trifle, Dubstep
Job: Works at the mayor's office
Family: None Biological
Strengths/weaknesses: Strengths= Can unfreeze people turned into stone, kindness, Loyalty, skilled fighter. Weaknesses- Knives, dark magic, seeing the good in the bad, Arrows
Powers: Ability to turn into a talking Lion, Light Magic, Stone Spell reversal, Ability to cheat death (Only when he sacrifices himself for others)
Dream: Peace and prosperity and a world where even the darkness can be destroyed
History: Aslan was not always from Narnia, In fact once a long time ago he was friends with someone considered to be evil. As a child he was a student of light magic taught by the Apprentice himself in the ways of light magic, He learned many great spells but kept his magic close unless it was to help others. During his teens he left the apprentice with a lust for adventure. He traveled until he eventually stopped in a town. There he made friends with a boy called Daniel who served the Mills Family as a Stable boy. Through persuasion Daniel managed to get him some work at the Mills estate where he grew a firm friendship with Regina. However the trio didn't last long, When the king came to stay they learned of Regina being betrothed to him, and shortly after lead to the tragedy that was Daniel's death at the hands of Cora. Out of fear Aslan left work at the Mills manor but leaving Regina a way of contact. Over the years Aslan watched his friends fall from good to evil. When she became the Evil Queen he left where he found Solace in the land he later helped make into Narnia and used his powers to take the form of a Lion. From there his story was known by all as the wise old Lion until one day, he left Narnia when it fell under the curse set by his former friend, assuming the name Alfie Lyons a person working in the Mayors office until Emma Swan broke the curse. Since then he has spent his time trying to make friends with Regina once again.

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